15 April 2013

Things Learned...

...after having our first visitors in Minnesota

1. Visitors RULE. Family seemed especially special because it felt like they brought home with them. 

2. When grandparents spoil your children it feels as though you are getting spoiled because you reap the benefits by default. I also learned that this does not mean that you are welcome to eat all of the animal crackers...

3. Sharing a Port-a-potty size bathroom with four grown people takes some juggling. It also takes a level of restraint in order to not ask who left that smell in there. Courtesy is also required when you already know who left that smell in there.

4. Duck Dynasty is truly a marvelous way to pass empty hours. That joy is expounded upon when your father-in-law laughs loudly and gleefully every minute or so. 

5. Plan a menu, (I thought I planned one, but when they got here I realized I hadn't...don't ask me how that happened.) otherwise you will have to take multiple unplanned trips to the insanely priced grocery store down the street. But, it may also mean that you accidentally make your mother-in-law's favorite dish.

6. When you dish ice cream for yourself, make sure you ask if anyone else wants some even if it is at naughty eating hours, or you may appear to be the most gluttonous and ungracious host.

7. Having amazing in-laws may not make or break who you choose to marry, but having them feel like your own family is rather nice. I sure hit the jack pot. Mine didn't even care that I walked around in leggings after church instead of being decent and putting on pants. Seriously. The greatest.

8. Old Navy has put out some stellar V-neck T-shirts this year. (Thanks Lisa!) I am probably going to have to go back and get one of each color and pattern. Then I don't have to ever wear anything else.

9. When you move across the country from your family and they come to visit, you get pretty homesick when they leave.

10. Cuddling with your husband while you both play with a cute child is a pretty okay way to curb the home sickness. You'll feel better after you go finish the guacamole from the fridge.

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