26 April 2012

Metacognition: Don't Judge Me For Being Random...or Gruesome

Warning: VERY weird post.  This is an okay one to skip if you currently think I'm normal.


A couple of years ago I watched a documentary on what must have been the burial of the city of Pompeii at the time of the explosion of Mount Vesuvius.

These types of documentaries always fascinate me, and I could watch them for hours on end.

The only thing I really retained from this particular History Channel jaunt, was the images of a couple that had been buried and preserved in the ash, clinging to one another.

Well, last night while I was laying down in bed next to my husband, I realized just how much that image fused to my brain.

I usually let husband cuddle with me for a few minutes right when we go to bed. ( I don't like to be touched while I'm sleeping). Last night I found myself wondering what people would think of us in thousands of years if we were all of a sudden buried in ash in our current cuddle position.

....then I realized that I had wondered this about every other night for as long as I could think back.

THEN I realized that I had thought several times after giving Ches the butt bump cuddle termination signal, that I hoped we wouldn't get buried in ash NOW because then people in thousands of years would have the wrong idea about how I feel about my husband. I like him, I just don't like cuddling while I sleep.

Then I realized that this is the first time I cognitively recognized that I have thought these very weird thoughts for so long.

I should think about what I think about a little more often.....

25 April 2012

Malcontent is not becoming on anyone, not even gorgeous people

When you spend a lot of time alone with not much to do, it starts getting harder to find positive things to dwell on.  I become a fun-sucker of sorts. It becomes easier to look at other people's lives, and over-glamorize them.

I have had to do a lot of reminding myself that the lives of the people whose blogs I follow are not as perfect as they appear in the cyber world. Every life has challenges, and it is only natural to make yours seem much more flawless to others than it actually is.

I had spent two or three consecutive days alone at home last week, and was going crazy with nothing to keep me busy. So, I picked up my camera and decided to see what interesting places I could find to photograph within pregnant walking distance of my door.

Now I"m determined to take my camera walking in all directions from my house to see what other treasures I can find.

I seem to have a gift for wishing for different, no matter where I am.
Not better. Just different.
 Don't you think its time a girl learns to be satisfied with her own situation, rather than dwell on what others have that she thinks she lacks?

Do you ever feel restless?

16 April 2012

What My Bladder Said To Me

1:33 a.m: You were the genius who drank the Capri Sun right before bed.

7:30 a.m: That's right. I'm full again, and you haven't even had anything to drink. Punishment for those dreams about swimming with the best swimsuit bod you've ever had.

10:30 a.m: Can you tell your HUGE kid to get off of me for a while? Otherwise, those precious yoga pants will be sporting a new zesty scent, and semi-circle pattern in the nether areas. (zesty? Wha?)

12:00 p.m: Okay, I know you're mad that I insisted we go NOW, and then only had a teaspoon to deliver, but I remembered that you wanted to go for a walk, and thought that this might help you see reason, and sit out the couch for a few more hours first.

1:00 p.m: That black cherry soda went right through me. Stick with the Shasta brand next time. It absorbs better.

1:30 p.m: What?! That grapefruit you ate with lunch had A LOT of juice in it. Don't judge.

3:30 p.m: In case you're wondering why I've ignored your for two hours, its because I couldn't pull myself away from those Modern family episodes. So worth the wait.

4:30 p.m: I'm SORRY. I thought we had the whole "you cross your legs, I don't leak" routine down. You gave me no warning. Plus, you sneezed SIX TIMES.

6:00 p.m: I know I didn't tell you I was getting full before you left for your 40 minute walk, but you didn't tell me your mammoth child was going to jump on me the whole time either. So....

7:30 p.m: Its about time you get through that water bottle once today. Shall we see if we can do it by lunch time tomorrow, so I don't shrivel up like giant prune? hmmm?

8:30 p.m: If you are going to get thirsty before bed, drink now. Otherwise, I can't promise to play fair in the middle of the night. Also, no more water dreams. Its just too tempting.

10:00 p.m: You noob. Did you not learn from the silvery pouch of 'Mountain Splash' that you enjoyed at this hour yesterday? You've got it coming, and I, have no mercy.

09 April 2012

Whereupon I was informed that there is a human inside of me

I sent this picture to my little brother who is serving an LDS mission in Georgia. 
He didn't know about the pregnancy until he was gone, so he hasn't seen me growing.
A lot of you haven't seen me growing. 
Here I am in all of my round, reflective lens glory.
I like being pregnant.

01 April 2012

Bedtime Conversations: Texting Edition

Me: I made it home. Did you get to work on time?

Ches: Yup. Even a few minutes early. How was your shot?

Me: Not bad at all. It was in my bum, which is plenty padded.

Ches: Haha thats great. I hate shots in the bum.

Me: Better than shots in the face :) (This was clever because he had been shot twice in the face at paintball the night before, and was sporting some obvious marks)

Ches: Lol. too shae

Me:............. You mean touche? :D

Ches..........I've heard it both ways.