26 April 2012

Metacognition: Don't Judge Me For Being Random...or Gruesome

Warning: VERY weird post.  This is an okay one to skip if you currently think I'm normal.


A couple of years ago I watched a documentary on what must have been the burial of the city of Pompeii at the time of the explosion of Mount Vesuvius.

These types of documentaries always fascinate me, and I could watch them for hours on end.

The only thing I really retained from this particular History Channel jaunt, was the images of a couple that had been buried and preserved in the ash, clinging to one another.

Well, last night while I was laying down in bed next to my husband, I realized just how much that image fused to my brain.

I usually let husband cuddle with me for a few minutes right when we go to bed. ( I don't like to be touched while I'm sleeping). Last night I found myself wondering what people would think of us in thousands of years if we were all of a sudden buried in ash in our current cuddle position.

....then I realized that I had wondered this about every other night for as long as I could think back.

THEN I realized that I had thought several times after giving Ches the butt bump cuddle termination signal, that I hoped we wouldn't get buried in ash NOW because then people in thousands of years would have the wrong idea about how I feel about my husband. I like him, I just don't like cuddling while I sleep.

Then I realized that this is the first time I cognitively recognized that I have thought these very weird thoughts for so long.

I should think about what I think about a little more often.....

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Michelle and Jason said...

In one of my classes the teacher showed a video on couples that spent a night together in a lab and they watched their body language while they slept. I don't think about how we would look if found thousands of years later but I often wonder what people would think about our relationship just by watching us sleep.