22 December 2008

The Boys

This blog is dedicated to my brothers who give me a seemingly endless supply of laughter. I will try to let you know a little bit about each three, and why it is that they can make me laugh as much as they do.
Here they are.....

Shane is the oldest boy. He turned 16 in September. It is really fun to have a brother who is old enough to date and drive and be interested in girls. I am a little protective of him, but he takes it pretty well. Shane is the self proclaimed muscle man of the family. All of the girls think he is just the most handsome boy ever. Pff. He has enough of an ego as it is. Add all of the senior girls at the high school thinking he is handsome, and humility doesn't have a chance! Despite the fact that he knows the girls like him he is such a gentleman. To his credit he's never even held a girls hand. Way to go Shane! Shane is the fountain of random knowledge that no one really needs to know. In the middle of a meal or a movie Shane will say something along the lines of, "Do you know what kind of food an african dung beetle eats when it is in heat?"...and then he spouts off the answer. I hope he gets to be on Jepardy someday.

Kade is the next brother. He is 14 and stands 6 feet 2 inches tall. Pah hah! Even thinking about Kade makes me laugh. He is oober talented in music. The kid picked up a guitar one day and decided he wanted to be able to play, so now he can. No lessons, no nothin. The dang dufus just figured it out. It made me so mad! Out of five kids that are all so different he and I are the most similar when it comes to personality and sense of humor. I'm afraid he got a lot of his weirdnes from me. Oops. Girls love him already because he is easy to be around, he hilarious, he sings like a full grown man with a gorgeous voice, he can sit down at the piano or with a guitar and play whatever he wants, and like I said before he can make just about anyone laugh. As he leaves a room he is often known to shout one of these two phrases, "I love ducks!", or "I like girls!". He is doomed to be a lady's man. Sigh. It isn't my fault they are all related to me and people love them... :) riiiiiiiiiiiight. He is known for the "Elvis Slide" wherever he goes. The Elvis Slide is the smooth move of throwing out a leg as you walk to free yourself of the uncomfortable sensation that a wedgie gives. I'm so proud....

Last but most certainly not least in the game is Wyatt (I always call him, and he always answers to "Goober") Wyatt is another monsterishly huge boy in our family. He just turned 12 in October and he stands about 5 feet and 10 inches. He is solidly taller than me, and outweighs me by a few pounds :) This boy brings so much joy into my life. Hehehe. I am laughing out loud thinking about it. When we go to Wyatts baseball or football games, a couple of things ALWAYS happen. First of all we always overhear perplexed or frustrated parents saying something along the lines of, "What is that huge boy doing out there?! There is no way that he's 12.." My mother has threatened to start carrying around his birth cirtificate everywhere we go so people stop accuse him of being "slow" because he is so big. He is actually always at the top of his class just so you know :) The other thing that always happens is one of my favorite things in life to witness. Especially in baseball, when wyatt is in the outfeild, and nothing is getting hit to him by all of the normal, small 12 year olds, he sits out there in his own little world and does a dance of sorts. It kind of looks like his limbs are taking turns turning into jello. Someday I hope all of you get to partake. That is when strangers look at my partents and say, "Is that your kid?" and I say, "It sure is theirs!"

I adore my brothers. I know I can't do them or their hilarity justice in this short blog, but I had to try and share with you all their awesomness! If you ever want to see videos, just let me know. It makes it so much more real... :D Here are just a few more pictures.The End.

19 December 2008

Because of Demand....

I was repeatedly asked what my wonderful paper self would look like. Well here you have it. This is me in 2D.

10 December 2008

My Paper Family

For my sister Kim on her mission we all made paper portraits of ourselves. This is how we all turned out. This first one on the top is Wyatt. He is a football playing, hot dog weilding, big eyed, tooting goober.
This is Kade. He went to great lengths to make sure his construction paper hair looked just right. That is pretty much how it is in real life too. He's also basically in love with his guitar. I'd be surprised if he'd ever be able to love a girl that much, and trust me, he likes those a lot too.
This is Shane. Hehe. I like to call him Shane the Shirtless Wonder. It has almost become an official title around our house. While he was making this I had no idea how it was going to turn out. This is a pretty accurate presentation of what he sees when he looks at himself in the mirror..... :D Love you Shane.
This is mom. She is known under many names. Queen being first and foremost, there is also:camp director, master, the trap, oh and don't forget the greatest mom ever.
This is obvioiusly dad. He was concerned about making his bald spot look accurate. I think he did a great job. :) Just to clarify, the finger being held up is definitely a pointer finger, not the one often used for other, more obcsene hand signals. My dad is amazing. He is one of the most "larger than life" people that I know. I mean that in terms of his personality and qualities as well as his physical stature. Everyone loves him. Including me.

08 December 2008

Like you could even know that...

...that is what I am afraid all of my professors are going to say with a smirk as they write the questions that will be on my upcoming finals. This infernal week called finals week really truly designed to make every person pull their hair out! I am losing plenty of hair. If next time you see me I'm sporting a shiny, reflective, floor-wax look on my noggin don't be surprised. Some of my classes have left me feeling like I have no way to be truly prepared, and I'm not okay with that. Especially since if you fail a college course people tell you that you are basically going to fail at life. AH! NO! I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY BEAUTIFUL, PROMISING, EVER TWINKLING FUTURE TO A 1000 LEVEL GEOGRAPHY CLASS!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!
phew. cough. sorry. Glad to have that out of my system.