18 October 2012

How I typically recieve life changing news.

Chester Copperpot (my most loving, adoring name for husband) is 1600 miles away from me again.

Having him home and with me everyday, ALL DAY, was the biggest treat of my life. Even bigger than my love affair with frozen yogurt. I know. Huge.

The week before he came home we had this conversation:

Ches: I have some news.

Me: You're coming HOME?!?!

Ches: YES! Also....They want to hire me full time. I am coming home for four weeks, and then we are moving out here permanently.



Me: Well. I suppose I am supposed to be excited? ..... Iamthrilledthatyoufoundyourfirstflightjobbutthatissofarawayandwejusthadourbaby,

Ches: Karlie



Me. ramblefreakoutramble.

Ches: its going to be fine.

And that is the story of when I found out we are moving to Le Suere, Minnesota.

After the initial news, I was relieved to feel more excitement than anything else. I am leaving UTAH! Huzzah! What Mormon girl from Utah hasn't talked about leaving Utah! I am actually doing it without cheating, and only going to Idaho.

This has been such a relief because I usually suffocate myself and everyone around me with high levels of anxiety whenever my life changes drastically. You should all be glad you were not my mother the morning after the first night we had Maverik home.

It is mostly fine except that it is pronounced la sewer, and my dad and brother snicker every time it is mentioned.

It isn't New York, San Fansisco, Boston, D.C., or any of the glamorous places I've always imagined going, but I will totally take it. It will be an experience unique to us. We will make it just as exciting as it would have been in any of those fancy places.

01 October 2012

I'm THAT mom

That constantly talks about my child

and posts pictures

and videos

You just can't help it. They take over your life in the most amazing way, and you cant help but want to talk about, and look at them all the time.