About K.J.D.L

Hello! My name is Karlie Jean Donovan Lewis. I am a wife, a mom, an avid appreciator of art and beautiful things, and a want-to-be high school English teacher. I was able to get my degree, teach for one term, and then my man M came along, and made me a mother. 

I am blessed to be able to stay at home. I miss working with those high school kids, but wouldn't trade what I get to do within my own walls for anything. 

I am married to C, and couldn't be luckier. My whims are almost always fulfilled by him. He even does it happily. He is a helicopter pilot, and loves his job. He is a paintballer, and will be forever. 

We live to laugh (super cheesy?), and are weirdos through and through. He is a dufus. I am a dufus. We are Dufi.

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