20 May 2010

More often than not sometimes I....

Get back in bed with husband after my morning run instead of doing my crunches, stretches, and push-ups

Think that person riding their bike up the hill in my direction has two heads, until they pass me and I realize it was their backpack protruding from behind their real head.

Tell myself I will only eat one Popsicle, then proceed to eat two or three, and not even feel guilty about it.

I have cravings to eat out, and I know we shouldn't because money is tight, but somehow I make myself think we'll be fine, so go out we do.

I pretend to be grown up when I don't feel good, but in all reality I just want my mom (sorry husband).

I say I am going to be a good wife and cook good meals, but when I get home from campus after 9-10 hours, baked potatoes or frozen burritos via the microwave are as gourmet as I'm gonna get.

I want my life to seem as cool as hers or maybe hers, but then I remember that mine is already the bomb.

11 May 2010


Sometimes wife actually tries to cook dinner for husband, and sometimes it happens to be that she has enough ground beef to cook both sloppy joe AND taco meat. Sometimes she decides that they will eat the sloppy joes tonight, and save the taco meat for tomorrow. Sometimes wife sends husband to the store to get potatoes so they can have homemade fries with the aforementioned sloppy joe sandwiches of joy, and he is quick and compliant. Sometimes when wife does this she bites into her carefully and lovingly prepared sloppy joe, only to find that the meat is freezer burned and tastes of yak buttock. So sometimes wife doesn't finish her sandwich, and eats a half a bag of frozen corn instead. Usually husband doesn't even notice the icky taste, so he eats all of his sandwiches anyway. Sometimes wife wonders if he eats this ground yak posterior only to make her feel better. Wife throws away the meat. Wife does the dishes. Wife is very glad husband also bought ice cream at the grocery store, so they can have butterfinger shakes after he is done at helicopter school.

Yeah. Try to make THAT sound appetizing.
Its impossible.

06 May 2010

Beauty. So far to go.

My life changed a minute ago. I simply clicked here.

Watch how her husband treats her. How he holds her hand, and keeps his arms around her. One of the reasons this hit me so hard, and made me emotional, was because I have a man who loves me to that same degree, and who would do no less than stand by my side through anything. I want to have the courage of this woman so I can be worthy of the love that I receive so much of. What if I lost my pretty face? It wouldn't matter to him, and we could still accomplish incredible things, but would I be able to just move on? Am I too concerned with what the facade looks like?

I am. I want to change that.

I know that my Father in Heaven and my Redeemer are my reason for living. Jesus Christ lives, and is real. Sometimes I let myself get distracted from my purpose by things that are SO unimportant. Sometimes I get distracted from being kind to someone because I am too concerned about the way they speak, or look, or carry themselves. Sometimes I forget to treat people like they are children of God because they happen to be wearing something less fashionable than me , or they don't have my sense of humor, or they need to wash their hair.

What a waist of the breath that has been lent to me to accomplish good.
What abuse of the trust that has been placed on me in representing my faith and my God.
What missed opportunities to know people for what they are BEYOND their appearance.
What a disappointment I must have been at times. I don't want to disappoint Him anymore.