31 March 2010


Welcome Rush in EAB. This is the chaos we lived in, cried in , and loved in.

This is our shipping area. There is usually someone there for 10 or 12 hours.

We pretty much made a maze with carts full of books. We became the smart maze rats.
I'm not sure what that means

Caleb always goes out of his way to help customers. Really, one time he met a customer at Wal-mart to get him his book order because the store was closed. Too much customer service.

Whitney Fae working away.
heh. That rhymes. smile

Lacy should definitely be a head-set model.

Bobbi did this same pose several times for the camera. We definitely know how she felt.

These two are the Asians. They make an entire Asian. Neat.
(sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters)

Hannah and I had a hard time coordinating which face we were supposed to be making.

Maybe next time.

We've all gone crazy.

But we like each others company.

26 March 2010

They Look Kinda Funny....

Is what husband said when he saw my new bangs/fringe. He then proceeded to tell me that I should curl them or something. I immediately had terrifying images of the 80's rush into my mind. Hm.... Don't think so.

He is not a big fan of change. So then I kissed him, and he felt better.

And then, I went to pull him to me in a seductive manner, and his clip on tie came right of there...no really, this picture below is taken mid-pull. I was so not prepared.

and that is one of the trillions of reasons that I love him.

24 March 2010


Blogging all brilliant ideas becomes SO much more difficult when I don't have the internet at home....

05 March 2010

A Little Bit of Pleasure

Some of you are probably wondering what way cool people like me and the husband do in our free time. Well, we CLEARLY do many awesome things. Such as:

Read Fantastic books

We have really been on a book kick lately. Ches can't seem to put them down. We have a very solid routine of me going to bed abominably early, and he sits in bed next to be and reads. He has been through several books in the last few months. I look on at him in envy as I have very little spare time to read for my own pleasure. But, I became jealous enough that I did something about it. I now MAKE my own time for pleasure reading by neglecting my studies. It is fabulous and incredibly worth it.

We also laugh gleefully while watching:

This show is THE BOMB! Forget all those other shows people think are neat these days. This show has everything a viewer needs to leave satisfied...even though you don't really leave when it's over because you're watching it from your own couch...It has suspense, laughter, cars, crime, civil war reenactments, and extremely attractive men. It is neat. That is all.

I have started going to the gym:
Which means I am going to be one buff babe. I may or may not have a complex about being that couple with a small husband and a large wife. So whether I do or not has nothing to do with the fact that I all of the sudden have a love for the treadmill.

Husband goes to Salt Lake to express his colorful side:

Paintball is his passion. He's like a little kid playing Cops and Robbers when he comes home from practice and tells me how everything went down. Seeing the battle wounds is also always a good time. That is where the fun comes in for me. His latest his was smack dab right in the middle of his forehead. It left a beautiful round red bruise.

And other than that, we just like to spend a lot of time together. I am trying to get better at being one of those cool wives to carries a camera, so we can take pictures more often, and I can share what is actually going on!

We are loving life. I like Husband a little bit too.