12 September 2009

So, About that shiny thing....

Yeah, well. The shiny thing found me. Me, lonely me, standing there in my vertical line mourning the loss of my nice circle. And then, the shiny thing, get this, flew back my direction and smacked me right in the face. Rude huh? I kind of left a big dent in my skull, but I have embraced the dent. That's right. I am happy to be getting married forever to Chesley Eugene Lewis. Here are some lovely pictures.
Awwww. Look at the sound of music shot. Just previously we had been singing about the live hills, and throwing Chesley's brother Tanner over cliffs. It was a good day.

I was being very upset in this picture because he had taken me from my family to "go to a ReAL Salt Lake game" Pfff. Well, the game wasn't until the next day. We showed up to an empty stadium. Smooooth.

This picture is from when we took a trip to Portland to visit his mission. We got to swim in public water fountains, which was basically one of my dreams. So it was one of those Walk to Rememeber kind of moments. Although I didn't get to pull my shirt over my shoulder, and have him put on a sticky butterfly tattoo. Dang. I should have thought of that.

01 September 2009

The Things That Beckon...

It is incredible to me how clearly and with much resolve this bowl of jelly bellies pierced the minds of the gnomes in my stomach that control what I crave. When I sat down at this computer 10 minutes ago, the bowl was half full, and contained many vibrant colors and mind boggling flavors. With my will power sitting in a crumpled deflated heap on my lap, I now officially declare that the popcorn ones are the best flavor. The worst part of this story....(beside the fact that there was only ONE popcorn jelly bean) is the fact that.....this bowl of many flavors was not mine...it belongs to my dear sweet room mate, so, in remorse I write this letter.

Dear dear sweet room mate,
I am sorry I ate your jelly beans.
They were so yummy and delicious.
Except for the coffee and black licorice flavors. Yuck.
I hope you will forgive me,
and keepy stocking up on Jelly Bellies