30 December 2011

Of Those I Admire...

My life may be less glamorous,
but no less lovely.

My talents less obvious,
but no less useful.

My life situation less immediately desirable,
but no less adventurous, or certain.

I may be less witty and humurous,
but I'm no less funny  
(at least to my husband).

I am karlie jean donovan lewis,
and my life may be less,
but it is no less.

I might be doing that cliche kissy face, but it is only with half of my mouth.
So it doesn't count.

23 December 2011

I ran out of stamps

Merry Christmas!!
(click it to see us in our full shameless glee)
We hope you are as excited and giddy with happiness as we are!

21 December 2011


I am going to have to start some weekly blogging tradition to tell you what I hear come out of the mouths of these students as they walk to and from class.  But this is what hit my funny fancy for today...

Dude! Did you know that Asian Gifts sells brass knuckles!?

I certainly do now. Thank you 16 year old boy in severe need of a haircut and a good day of hard labor.

13 December 2011

I probably didn't really....

call one of my students chubby....oops.  He asked me if something I said to him was a fat joke.  I said yes.  He didn't think it was very funny.

told one of my students I made him do something because he was Mexican....he laughed. Phew.

left my phone ringer on....every other day...embarrassing.  My class is now very familiar with the Dr. Who theme song.

leaned back too far in my office chair and made a high decibel clatter keeping myself from plummeting backward to the floor..... during silent reading time.  No one was hurt.

*Clarification. I am not racist. I know many Mexican's that I think very highly of.   Again, I asked him to stop a behavior, and he jokingly asked if I was calling him out because he was Mexican. I said yes.

01 December 2011

Chubby Secrets #1

So, I'm getting chubby. Marriage + Stress does that. And lately, It hasn't really bothered me that much.

I've been too busy and stressed out to do much about it. I'll get to it when my life settles down, and I am used to my new routine.

(You fitness fanatics who are reading this, stop scolding me with your minds this instant. I really can't handle one more thing. Its either sleep or work out.)

But, my pants are getting tighter, and they put pressure on my stress-nauseated tummy, so...

I wear big shirts, and live with my pants unbuttoned.

Do you have any idea how free of a feeling it is to not button your pants? Amazing.