01 December 2011

Chubby Secrets #1

So, I'm getting chubby. Marriage + Stress does that. And lately, It hasn't really bothered me that much.

I've been too busy and stressed out to do much about it. I'll get to it when my life settles down, and I am used to my new routine.

(You fitness fanatics who are reading this, stop scolding me with your minds this instant. I really can't handle one more thing. Its either sleep or work out.)

But, my pants are getting tighter, and they put pressure on my stress-nauseated tummy, so...

I wear big shirts, and live with my pants unbuttoned.

Do you have any idea how free of a feeling it is to not button your pants? Amazing.


Michelle and Jason said...

I did that this morning before I went to work and Jason told me it was time for maternity pants....I am not that big yet. Haha.

US said...

woohoo welcome to the club! 23 and LOVING my sweat pants :D