30 November 2011

At a time that is not this time

people will be good to each other, no matter their differences.

I just watched this video , and was amazed by the different cultures coming together, sharing their differences in a positive way, and focusing on something they have in common.

Why are people in the world so incredibly intolerant? Why is it so easy to recite the golden rule, but so seemingly impossible to actually live that way?

Personally, I think we should just love people because they are people.

I am not saying we should be blind to poor decisions or anything like that, but can't we even love people who make poor decisions? Can't we love people who believe something different than we do? Can't we love people who look different? 

There is so much animosity in society that it makes me want to hole myself up in a mountain cave, and befriend only the mountain animals. Especially the ones that won't eat me.

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