13 November 2011

Holga Attempt #2: Malad

 Samson, the puppy
 The Clouds
 Bow Hunting Skills
 Bowl of Fruit
 Waving Flag
 Peter Pan Bleach Shirt. I made it.
Cool Rusty Chair


Brooke said...

Uh did you get a puppy? I can't see very clear. But kind of looking like a beagle. My kids would die :)

Kade & Jess said...

I've been trying to drop Kade hints to get me a Holga for Christmas forever! I love how the pictures turn out--also, coolest shirt ever! How did you do it?

K.J.D.L said...

I LOVE my Holga! Keep hinting, it is worth it!

I wish it was our puppy! It is my in-laws. He's a biter.