31 July 2012

29 July 2012

I'm on my way to being an ancestor

I'm practically an expert on bringing up posterity.

For example:

Blankets CAN double as burp rags and.....vise-versa.

It is TOTALLY fine to giggle at a child while they are crying when it is completely cute.

Cleavage is the perfect spit-up collector.

Cow's have it tougher than I'd ever imagined.

Morning is the best time to display your underwear to the house.

Falling asleep with a baby laying on your chest is close to the most precious thing ever.

You WILL end up going for boogers with your finger because the booger-sucker is in the other room, and if you leave it he might suck it back up.

Throw-up is a most excellent accessory.  It compliments every color.

Being a mom completely trumps not being a mom.

24 July 2012

Bedtime Conversations: A Recap

While we were at my little brother's middle school production of Brigadoon a few months ago 
(which took place around my bedtime), 
we had the following exchange. 

Me: "We aren't really in love. We have never sung to each other like that" 
("like that" meaning awkwardly clasping both hands together 
while trying to sing without puberty interfering with our ability to hit the right note)
Husband: "Whatever." (body turn in auditorium seat, singing voice engaged)
"Whatya gonna do with all that junk? All that junk up in your trunk"
Commence disturbing those around us with poorly stifled laughter.

16 July 2012


I'm going to be real you guys.

I miss Ches. I miss him so much that I have a hard time being at my house, and sleeping in my bed without him here.

I miss him so much that there is this weird achy spot in my chest when I think about him.

I miss him so much that when I look at my son, I see more of his father in him every time.

I miss him so much that I am almost starting to forget how I would get irritated when he would come home from being at work all day, and spend what felt like endless amounts of time playing silly games on the ipad.

I didn't realize that he is the only person that I really hug anymore. I'm not a big hugger. But I guess I still need hugs.

I didn't realize that kissing is such a big deal. How did I miss THAT?

I didn't realize that two weeks can seem like a second when your baby is growing faster than you have the capacity to keep track of, but at the same time can seem endless when your best friend and life companion is hundreds of miles away.

Can I survive twelve more weeks of his absence? Yes. I haven't been poisoned, beaten, or mortally harmed. 

Military wives and single moms...I respect you at a new level. You are the strongest women that exist. You make Chuck Norris look like a little girl with pigtails on the first day of kindergarten.

Husband, you are the best. Thank you for this. See you Mid-October. We'll do Mocktails and movie with lost of explosions.

* Update. Although I do still, and probably will continue to have, moments when I feel like this, it is not the norm! Maverik and I are lucky  to have family super close, and the vast majority of the time we are doing extremely well, and are very happy. 

07 July 2012


I have an obsession with doors. 
Especially old doors.
They have an element of mystery and history
that gets my imagination going every time.

What is behind them? 
Who was allowed to enter?
Where do they lead? 
Why can't I go in?

These are some doors I found during my walks around Brigham.
I can just see the stories oozing from the aged paint and weathered wood.

06 July 2012

There was an old lady

But this post doesn't have anything to do with her.

This post has to do with her friend, the old man, that appeared in Maverik's car seat when we were on our way to my two week check up the other day.  
(Do all doctors have the mom come in after two weeks?
I thought that was kind of weird.)

He's gonna be a story teller.
The fish was "THIS" big, kind of story teller.
I lost my tooth in the war, kind of story teller.

And a very very cute story teller.
 Probably the cutest.