26 January 2012

Access: DENIED

We moved. We don't have internet. I'm itching to tell you about so many things.

I'll pretend like you love my blog so much that you have to be patient with my absence.

It makes me feel neat.

Also, I need to find a moisturizer that will help my tummy not get stretch marks.

Also, "Once There Was a Snowman" is a killer thigh work out. Those 4 year olds were trying to kill me.

17 January 2012

Living at home isn't THAT bad

Well, yeah, having our own place sounds appealing and everything.

Then I remember that moving would mean I need to take up cooking again.

This kitchen episode comes back to my mind, and I decide privacy is over-rated.

At least here we get good food. 

Husband says he's willing to go back to our corndog and chicken nugget diet.

I'm not so sure yet.....

16 January 2012

I began to be astonished

and then after a couple of weeks, stopped being astonished at the following things.

1. Feeling an insane amount of pressure on my bladder, only to yield 4 oz. of pee. 
(sorry if this is too explicit for your liking)

2. The need to eat every 2 hours. 

3.  My complete aversion to chocolate.
WHAAAAAAT? You mean that bag of dark dove chocolates tastes nasty?!
I must console myself with a bowl of sherbert. 

4. My love of all things fruity and tangy. 
I swapped all of my Christmas chocolate for starbursts and nerds.
I have eaten an entire bag of clementines in the last week.

5. The fact that I don't look pregnant, just chubbers.
I am still trying to be motivated to be active.
It is not impossible.
Just not easy.

Maybe I'll go do some Pilates now.
After I find a snack.

13 January 2012

A Sandwich

After six weeks of teaching,

about a quarter of my students still don't know my name.

I've reverted to refusing to respond to students who call me "teacher", "hey, you", or some of them just whistle. 

"I am not a dog," I tell them. 

I'm just "the sub"

However, I'd be a sandwich over a bum-sniffer.

12 January 2012

Sanuk So Supplely Stepping

My good friend Ash has been trying to convert me to this particular brand of footwear for some time.

Her argument was locked into my mind when she said she wore them in Disneyland for 3 straight days, and never had any problems with her feet. 

I always thought they were cute, but in my tight-wadiness, could never get myself to pay the 50+ dollars for a little canvas shoe.

I repent completely.

While doing some after Christmas shopping, I was fortunate enough to find some beautiful butter-yellow Sanuk's on the shelf at Ross.  $17. My mind went back to my beloved yellow Wal-Mart shoes that husband sneakily threw into the dumpster on moving day. (I was completely aware of the smell.  That is why they were left outside)

I immediately flung aside all of the other items I had stacked in my arms in order to grab them.  They were my size. They were the only pair in the entire store.  The shoe gods had laid my path and smiled upon me so fiercely that I'm sure their cheek muscles were throbbing. 

I, Karlie Jean Donovan Lewis, am a believer.  The destination of my new conviction?

11 January 2012

Bunk Fever

It has been charming, but we are definitely hoping to vacate it soon, and once again have more than 168 Square feet for our personal living space. 

This is the thing. Ches will continue to work in Midvale, I will continue to work in Brigham city,  so we are trying to find something in-between.  

We have different ideas of what in-between should mean. Shucks.

There are definitely things I will miss about this little place when we get it all figured out.  But....

This guy will unfortunately will not give me the chance to miss him. 

He's coming with us. 

He is not my best friend.

10 January 2012


I saw different versions of this idea all over pinterest.
(The site that has commandeered my life.)

My father is a scrabble fanatic.
The kind of fanatic that checks
his facebook scrabble games 2-6 times a day

So, for his birthday I gave this a shot.

He wanted it to look close to the original scrabble tiles.
They were maroon with cream lettering.
Not to bad for a non-crafty, but very loving daughter.

04 January 2012


The holidays (or maybe my family) were very good to me.
Chesley's Cousin Colton, and Aunt Mary even contributed.
I feel so lucky.