16 September 2010


Dear Hannah and Lacy
Thank you for letting me copy you. I like you.

Dear Bangs
Please stop blowing apart in the middle so that I look like I have drawn back curtain on my face.

Dear Gym
Will you stop being so unappealing please? Right now the couch is totally beating you.

Dear Favorite Yellow Shoes
I am sorry I had to leave you outside. If you had been more conducive to sock-wearing I might be able to keep you in my closet.

Dear Internet
You should reach just a tiny bit farther into my front room, so I can preserve my toosh from this unfriendly cement slab that is my front step.

Dear Pinky Toe
I am so sorry that half of your nail came off. The edge of that couch was closer than I calculated.

Dear Sunshine on My Face
You feel nice.

Dear Freezer
I am so glad that you are holding some pecan caramel ice cream for me. How nice.

Dear Chenyl and Mark Sam
I miss you. But mostly Chenyl. But I guess Mark Sam too....

because although I don't particularly miss this....

I miss this

And this.....VERY much

Dear Helicopter
Please be good while husband is flying you. I am rather fond of him, and would like him to be around long enough to see me become a good cook, so...a long time. And besides...

He's so....spectacular


Hannah said...

I am soooooooo happy that I got mentioned on your blog. Huzzah.

Brooke said...

Very Jimmy Fallon-esque. . . And anything jimmy fallon makes me smile. Then ad some Karlie Jean and I get a double smile!

Brooke said...

And sometimes I should re-read my comments and make sure I add all of the D's to ad before I post! :)

Brittany said...

I have those yellow shoes too! Also, the picture of your bangs made me smile.