09 June 2015

On Truth

The thoughts flying through my mind tonight wont settle.

They are unpopular.

It seems that everywhere I turn, I see this idea of relative truth. This idea that people can create truth individual to their own taste, or their own life. This ideology is smothering society's consciousness of real Truth.

Folks, Truth is black and white. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Truth. Is. Truth, and will remain so even if there is no one left believing.

I do not pretend to have a full understanding of what all Truths are, but I know a God who does.

I know a God who has written Eternal Laws. These laws cannot, and will not change.

Part of me wishes that some of them could change. There are people that I love and admire that are gay. My admiration of them is sincere and total. Their sexuality in no way affects how I personally feel about them. I truly want them to find life partners, and be happy.

That being said, I would defend the law of Marriage being between a man and a woman every time because that is the law of God. I can not regard the opinion of anyone, no matter how high they may be in my esteem, more than I regard the word and laws of God.

I do not believe the Lord doesn't want gay people to be happy. I believe that He loves them, and understands them. I don't begin to understand why this particular law is what it is, and why it is such a struggle. But, it is Truth.

This is just one of many Eternal Laws that are being relitivized by today's society. 

I must live the Truth as I feel it in my heart. My Father in Heaven has proved himself to me too many times for me to doubt Him. His hand is simply too obvious in my life.

So, I stand for the Truth I know, and lovingly ask for understanding and acceptance.

I will grant the same to you.