21 March 2012

Husband's Entertainment Habits: Part 2

I had a friend ask me today if I ever miss being single. 
I replied that I absolutely do. It is a lot easier to be single. I miss it. Its normal.
But I don't miss it more than enjoy being with this turd burglar.
Single may be easier, but it is DEFINITELY less wonderful.

In case you have been wondering
This is what he has been up to since last time.
These things may have increased my attachment to him.

It was beautifully windy outside on Saturday,
so Chesley got out the Toy Story kite, and went across to the field to fly it by himself.
I could see those pearly whites in his mouth from across the street.


He takes naps in the fetal position.
With his pinky finger curled beside his nose. 
I think he is trying to be one with our son.

While we were at my little brother's middle school production of Brigadoon a few nights ago, 
we had the following exchange. 

Me: "We aren't really in love. We have never sung to each other like that" 
("like that" meaning awkwardly clasping both hands together 
while trying to sing without puberty interfering with our ability to hit the right note)
Husband: "Whatever." (body turn in auditorium seat, singing voice engaged)
"Whatya gonna do with all that junk? All that junk up in your trunk"

I disturb those surrounding me with my laughter.
Swoon. My man can sing
...or he does it even though it isn't his particular talent.


He went to church like this on Sunday. 
Apparently this is proper leprechaun tie length.
He covered it with a vest, but I wish he hadn't.

What has your room mate been up to?

17 March 2012

Bladder Capacity

Is it weird that I feel accomplished
when I am able to maintain a trickle time of over 2 seconds? 
It makes me feel like I have normal bladder control again.

15 March 2012

They're getting smaller

This was my view for much of the trip this last week.

I felt a little bulbous.
It was fine though because there were actually a lot of bulbous people there.
Disneyland is apparently the top destination for women who are 5-7 months pregnant.

This was my view a lot because I kept checking to make sure my feet were still there.
 A few times I was sure they had turned into stumps. 
They hadn't

I'll post a few more pictures later,
but the trip
was oober fantastical.

08 March 2012


Fist Pumps:

Unexpected trip to the Temple this morning. Needed it.

Having elderly neighbors who teach me how to plant flowers, and give me cupcakes. She also promised me a ride in several of her husbands super old and neat cars. I am hoping to drive.

Seeing my belly move while Husband Jr. kicks me. Is it normal to feel like you're the only person on earth who has experienced these things, even though you know millions of other women are doing it at the exact same time?

Tomorrow I will be on my way to happiness.

Maternity Pants.


Maternity Pants.

This thought that I just had:
"I shouldn't get on the elliptical today because I don't want to be sore tomorrow while I'm....riding...in..the.car....?"

Getting to the school for a sub job a week early. Not embarrassing or anything.

Forgetting to cross my legs before I sneeze.