03 February 2011

Husband's Entertainment Habbits

Night #1

I was in the bedroom going to sleep.  He was flipping through the channels and stopped on the History Channel (Go History Channel! You're the bomb!). They happen to be airing a Shirley Temple documentary.  Thirty minutes later the channel has not changed, and he has not come to bed.  When he finally crawls in I hear him say,
"She is so CUTE!"

Night #2

I have shut myself in the bedroom to do homework, so Husband can keep himself entertained with all of the space we have in the rest of the house.  I open the door to get a drink, and he is at the sink, doing dishes, singing right along with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  I give him a look.  "What? It's a GOOD movie!" Hips are also in full swing.

Night #3

I am once again barricaded in the bedroom (the only other space we have besides the living area and the bedroom is the bathroom....the shower is a little too cramped to make it plausible to do homework in there), and I finish my task, open the door, and Husband is singing his heart out to his self created Katy Perry playlist. 
He did kiss a girl, and he did like it.

I just thought everybody should know what he does with his free time. 


The Grish's said...

Oh my goodness I could die laughing! Shirley Temple??? and it is a good movie :) haha I'm glad you have a goofy man to keep you smiling haha!

Hannah said...

I love this post more than you could possible know. I also love the Lewis'.


Ross said...

this is why i like your husband more than i like you

Chess said...

Hahahaha! I hate Katy Perry. :)