12 February 2011

GOOBS: Then and Now

I know I talk about my family all of the time because well, I happen to have a certain affection for them.  I have been thinking about my brothers a lot lately, and how much things have changed in the last few years.  So, I wanted you to see what I remember, and how they look now.  

It goes from left to right. 
Left: how I think of them.
Right: what they've had the audacity to become.
and also, they give me hope that I will have VERY adorable babies when the time comes.

 Look at Shane. Holy Cow. I am pretty much surprised he can keep women off of him.  I mean look at that adorable little blondie-boy.  You are smarter than anyone in the family I think, except mom (hi mom).  We all sit around laughing at how weird Dad's last burp was, and you can tell us what the president of Polar Plunge Club said in his public address yesterday. That is how I remember him, and now all of a sudden, he's grown up on me. 

Kade Kade Kade.  You and your swoopy hair.  I almost have nothing else to say because you are so much like me that I feel like I'm talking about myself a little...besides the fact that you're 16, male, very tall, rather hairy, and have demented toes....I think that about covers our serious differences, or there are a lot more.  You are more laid back than I ever thought you were going to be (I mean just consider those videos you made of yourself dancing to my piano practicing....how could THAT yeild normal results?!) You should stop using the word "poop" so much.  Its icky.

Wyatt.  There really is no way to describe you to people who have never encountered you before. Maybe I should post one of your photobooth videos sometime to fill people in on what is going on....we'll see.  That is a risk.  You are now the largest boy in the family at age 14. Stop it. Stop growing.  Go back to that age when you used to put elastice around your ears and let it sqush you into a cabbage face.  

It was supposed to stay like this.
(Wyatt your hairstyle has serious deteriorated since this photo.
Mine too, but that is beside the point. We should talk about it.) 
But now everyone is all growd up. 
When does it stop?

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