07 October 2009

Welcome to Everyone Else's Life

So, a few weeks ago a good friend who has been going through a hard time found me on campus and proceeded to tell me what was making his life difficult. I am afraid he met me at a rather bad time, and as he was listing his stresses and concerns in a rather distressed manner, I snapped, and in a moment that I should have been sympathetic these were the words that tumbled out of my mouth in reply. "Well, welcome to everyone else's life", and then I turned my complete attention back to squirting ketchup onto the hot dog that I really couldn't afford to buy, but was starving so was doing it anyway. The poor guy could say nothing in reply. It was one of my few really jerkish moments in life. He kind of awkwardly said what he could and then left. How rude of me eh? I was sitting there worried about my own problems, so I let the frustration of someone elses complaining turn me in to a Mr. meanyjerkface. Lame. I gonna have to remember that next time I don't get the reaction I want from someone I am whining to. The non-budgeted hot dog was delicious by the way.