28 April 2011

A Paper Writing Experience


to be continued...... 
don't judge my hair.
that is indeed a nun on a swing behind me.
I wish I was her right now.

21 April 2011

Reason #443

I love my husband because as we both sit here doing homework, me writing reflections for a teaching portfolio, and he taking a sociology 1010 exam, we both break out together as the song plays....

"When the fantasy has ended, 
and all the children are gone, 
something good inside me, 
helps me to carry on. 
To kiss your mouth, I break my vow
...no no no, no no no way jose! 
Unless you want to, 
then we break our vows together...
 ENCARNACIOOOOHOONE! doodleedleoodleeee!"

We love Nacho...and his stretch pants.

and this is simply one of the most delightful things Google images has ever found for me.

*Update on life. I can update here because we were working on homework  at the time I wrote this post.

I feel like this, and this, and this

12 April 2011

I don't normally...

I am not usually one to do these lists, but these are fun, and the adorable Sara Jolley AND Jenelyn Summers tagged me in them (Yeah I know Jen, yours was about a million years ago), so I will do it!

4 shows i watch
1. The Biggest Loser: I thought about getting fat to get on. I decided against it.
2. Dr. Who:  I'm now in love with David Tennant.
3. Cranford: It was a mini-seriese. Best ever. Even better than 10th Kingdom, and that's sayin something!
4. What not to Wear: I am pretty sure it was Clinton who helped me first rid myself of being homophobic.

4 things i'm passionate about
1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
2. Chesley Eugene Lewis
3. Finishing School (YAY!)
4. Traveling. I could do it every day!

4 phrases i say alot
1. Like you could even know that: frequently said when husband makes a correct or more valid point that what I had just said.
2. It's my bed time. You wanna come sleep by me?: The answer is usually, "not right now. I'll come later" Pssssh. 9:00 is NOT too early. 
3. I gotta go potty: Living with Jenelyn for two years, and then trying to increase the amount of water I take in has dramatically increased my bathroom visits. 
4. I can't, I'm not eating sugar: this has been my most said sentence in the last three weeks. It is starting to kill me.  I didn't realize how often I ate treats....before I stopped eating them! (don't be alarmed. This is not a permanent arrangement.)

4 things i've learned from the past
1. You absolutely CAN NOT form a correct opinion of a person the first, second, or even 10th time you meet them.  If this was the case I would not have married my incredible husband.
2. Relying on the Lord is the only way to accomplish everything that comes all at once. Its incredible what you can do with His help.
3. Tithing is HUGE.  Paying our tithing has helped us stay afloat when there was no logical reason we should have had enough.
4. lauging everyday is very very neccessary.

4 things i did yesterday
1. Closed my eyes while walking on campus to pretend I was still in Disneyland.
2. Ruined a dinner of Macoroni and Cheese ( it was almost as bad as the Yak Buttock)
3. Left a trail of Glitter everywhere I went
4. found a dead spider in the pot/pan drawer

4 places i would love to visit
1. The Carribean
2. Paris
3. Washington D.C.
4. Italy

4 things i'm looking forward to
1. my New York trip with the girls in June!
2. Graduating in December!
3. Husband finding a flight job
4. Getting my Holga pictures developed

4 things i love about spring
1. The sun on my face and neck
2. Shorts and flats
3. Ultimate frisbee games
4. Flowers and Green leaves on trees that have looked dead for months.

I'm not gonna tag anyone because......because.