21 April 2011

Reason #443

I love my husband because as we both sit here doing homework, me writing reflections for a teaching portfolio, and he taking a sociology 1010 exam, we both break out together as the song plays....

"When the fantasy has ended, 
and all the children are gone, 
something good inside me, 
helps me to carry on. 
To kiss your mouth, I break my vow
...no no no, no no no way jose! 
Unless you want to, 
then we break our vows together...
 ENCARNACIOOOOHOONE! doodleedleoodleeee!"

We love Nacho...and his stretch pants.

and this is simply one of the most delightful things Google images has ever found for me.

*Update on life. I can update here because we were working on homework  at the time I wrote this post.

I feel like this, and this, and this

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