31 March 2009

Boy, I'm tired

It is almost the end. The semester is almost over, and boy, am I ready for the end. Right now I'm so physically tired that I can't even begin to think about the pages and pages I need to write tonight for a research paper that is due on Friday. It seems like every semester I start to burn out a little faster. It happened about midterm this time around. I'm hoping the summer will help me out in building up my enthusiasm for school again. I know I have to finish, but with only two years behind, and three years to go, it's lookin' like a long road. Good thing I'm not gonna be a doctor.


Ross Nelson said...

: ) Good thing you're not going to be a doctor, good thing I am!

Hannah said...

i know your feelings. :( miss you, kj.

Brooke said...

You can DO IT!