13 April 2009


Are high expectations a bad thing? I've been told that it isn't fair to expect too much of people. I've been told I'm uptight and prudish because of high standard and expectation. Is that fair? I expect a certain level of conduct out of myself, and so I like to surround myself with people who make that goal easier to accomplish. I like to think that isn't bad.
Well, whatever the general thought may be on the subject, I am not going to back down from that high standard. I won't try and shove it on anyone who doesn't want to be part of it. I understand that it isn't always the easiest way to live, but the rewards that will ultimately result from it are of far more worth than the approval of people around me.


Ross Barton Nelson said...

Karlie you are so wise :)

I approve of you no matter what!

Celestyn H said...

I better stop coming in your office. I know that I don't meet your prudish standards ;)