29 April 2010

Copy Cat: Then and Now

My fantastic friend Amanda wrote an inspiring post on the journey she and her husband have had together. I am totally stealing this from her. Chesley and I did not meet when we were young teenagers, having hand holding sessions on choir trip buses, but I think we have come a long way regardless.

Then...I thought you were stuck up, and had no desire to talk to you
Now... I think you are the funniest person in the world, and I make you turn the radio off in the car just so we can talk.

Then...I reluctantly went out with you. I tried to unload you on a friend.
Now....I gleefully go anywhere and everywhere with you, and feel rather smug when I notice other women noticing how handsome you are.

Then...I compared you to other men I knew and respected.
Now....I compare everyone to you. No one measures up. You're so weird. It's awesome.

Then...I had a little crush on you, and when you held my hand it made me blush.
Now....I am am pretty much in love with you, and live with constant blushing.

Then...you did things like take me off roading, and show off your frisbee skills to impress me.
Now...all you have to do to impress me is do the laundry. I've been permanently impressed.

Then...I would stay up until 1:00 a.m. so I could see you for five minutes after you got off of work
Now...I got to bed at 10:30 p.m. so the time will go faster, and you can kiss on the temple when you crawl into bed.

Then...I had to pray about you every night. Such anxiety in the decision.
Now...I pray with you every night, and it is much more anxiety free.

Then...I had no idea what was coming.
Now....I still don't, but you're coming, so it'll be neat

28 April 2010

We are sorry...

we are going through some major cosmetic difficulties at this time. Please stay with us.

19 April 2010


It is absolutely heavenly outside. I'm actually there now. Outside. The sun is soaking in to my sadly pale, and shaved too long ago legs. Mmmmmmm. I have really learned to be thankful for the cold, miserable winter months, because they make days like this so much better. Just think, if the weather was a perfect 74 degrees, with the most delectable amount of breeze everyday, I would not appreciate it, and would expect it. That would be stupid. I can now officially begin my quest for killer good ring tan lines. I figure that since I've married since last tanning season, this lifelong dream may actually be realized. I was never a diligent enough ring-bearer before to gain the coveted white wrings in the middle of a pleasently darkened finger.

15 April 2010

I want

A Pinata (I don't know how to do the squiggle thing above the n)

That is all. End.

06 April 2010


I have shared these photographs with a few, close, kindred spirits. I feel their impact needs to be conveyed to a wider audience.

I opened my car door, eager to enter Deseret Industries, and partake of all that awaited me there. This is what met my gaze, and stopped me in the middle of my thoughts concerning old lady dresses, and skinny suspenders.

I turned in horror, trying to find the former peace of mind I had been enjoying, when I saw the final piece placed under the wheel of the car parked ahead of us.

I was shocked, horrified, and was forced to mourn for this poor, little, smiling, decapitated boy in his disassemblation and soiled liederhaussen.

02 April 2010

I win.

I win the argument that all girls have about their dad being the best. Well, sorry. I won a long time ago. My daddy tops the cake of dads....that would have to be a HUGE cake.

These are the main men in my life. My dad (although the 13 year old is closing in) is the tallest and most strongest of all the men in my life.

He is the source of all weirdness, goofiness, and off the wall-ness that exists in my person. He would deny it when I wear my black glasses that have no lenses, but it all comes fr0m him.

He is the source of my skill for making paper people. This is his construction paper self portrait. See my feeble attempts to match him here and here.

Lets be honest. He is the funniest, kindest, biggest calf muscled, Irish jigging, riverdancing, fartfatnooging, bestedest dad ever.