29 March 2011

A poem about a girl in pajamas

The four letter words spilled
from her mouth like the vomit
of a three day fever.
They fell, boxed my hears,
and stayed there. buzzing.
biting, in my brain.

27 March 2011

The Revamp

From the longest I've had

I"m hard core huh.

To the shortest....

24 March 2011

I want to do this every day

A few years ago I was having this problem.  Every time I tried to study in the library,
it would result in sleep. 

Well....one time my room mate caught me applying my anti-sleep-while-studying technique.


Yes, I AM  listening to an ipod rather than flailing about in sync to silence.

oooooh. I like that. In sync to silence. I think I"ll use that for something serious and foreboding.....

22 March 2011

I should know by now

Its snowing.


Its the very 22nd of March.

Perhaps I shall go make snow sculptures in order to appreciate my surroudnings.  I heard making snow toilets is fun.  I should put it in the middle of campus. That way someone can stop if they are having a hard time making it to the next building. 

But you know, grass and dirt would be good too.

But I'm not complaining of course.

19 March 2011


Sometimes I look at my life and wonder what can possibly happen in the next few years.  I get frustrated that there seems to be no anchor or stability in my life boat, and that I am just plowing forward into something I can not control or anticipate. 

Even as blessed and marvelous as my life is, I become disappointed. Most often with myself.  I am disappointed in my lack of will power. I am disappointed in my lack of courage in sharing my faith.  I am disappointed in my inability to be a good wife to a husband who is adoring and patient. I am disappointed in my struggle to deal with new people in an un-awkward way.  I am disappointed that I so often feel afraid. I don't like being afraid. It stinks.

This morning I desperately needed a lift to my spirit.  My mind and heart felt heavy and uncomfortable.  I remembered fireside I attended my second year of college that had affected me at a time I felt everything around me was punching me right in the face.  I listened to that talk again this morning.  I'm punching back again. 

Jeffrey R. Holland has a way with words and with the spirit.  It is a long video, almost an hour, but if any of you are struggling to find faith, peace, or just want to feel close to the spirit of God, take an hour and listen.  (I did it while I cleaned my bathroom and folded my laundry.  It helped me even through the chemical fumes :) )

If you want your life to feel a little bit more meaningful click here

10 March 2011

Pants, Grumpy

aka I have been a melancholy beastie the last few days, so Grumpy Pants has become my alter-ego name of choice.  I feel about like this...

The helmet is obviously because I have been too grumpy to take time to make my hair presentable, so I used this as a more attractive alternative.  Also, it makes people take my grumpiness more seriously because everyone is intimidated by people in football helmets.  They can ALWAYS take you down. 

I hope it goes away soon. It is hard to eat with this thing on.

01 March 2011


This is paifull and blissfull put together. 

It makes me so happy that I have been sitting here on our mini-couch next to husband for an hour, while he has been trying with all of his might to be the best darn ukelele player int he world. He sings with much soul.

His inability to consistently coordinate the key of the ukulele notes and those bellowing out of his pipes is quite painful to my sensitive ears. 

#443 that I love him completely

He demanded that I not post videos of this, but I had too...
So I posted another one.....Oh how I adore him.