31 July 2011

My Mind Has Run Out Of Words

Which is a tortuous ailment for someone who loves words so.

So I will show you. This is summer. This is some of the happy pieces of my life.

07 July 2011

I have felt a little suffocated for the last couple of days.  Suffocated by monotony. By a neglected creativity and intellect.  By small spaces and inactivity.

I want to go on a camping trip and hike and play in the river.

I want to make a list of random activities, and pull one out of a hat to do everyday.

I want to write a short story, and creat a visually pleasing something.

Oh. Okay. I can do those things. That was easy.

If only losing those unwanted pounds seemed so manageable......

On the bright side, I just got these.

And in them, I look super.