24 December 2010

I often forget

That this is what Christmas is.  This video brought me to tears this morning. I hope it can help you remember, as it did for me.

Merry Christmas.  
May we always let him in, and let his love fill our hearts
when all the world offers is coldness.

There are more inspiring videos here

19 December 2010

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

I am not usually so upfront in my post titles, but there is no way to embellish or help you anticipate what I stumbled upon during a recent cyberjaunt

I am fairly certain my life has changed.  

This glorious item targets all of my problem areas.  It says I can slenderize anywhere I want....

I wonder if it will work on my arm flaps...?

  Probably.  I mean, it does have a very official looking crest telling me this product is approved by the AAU.  

I may not know what that means, but this box also promises that I will look better-feel better- and that it will wake up my body.  

 It also holds the promise, "easy to inflate"

So if nothing else, if Ches and I ever have twins, we can just use it for a dual floaty device when we need that outing to the local pool.  

Win Win.

12 December 2010

I told you it was true

Disclaimer. I know it is cluttered.  You try putting all of you stuff in a smurf sized hole.

Here they are at last.  The pictures of the hobbit hole.

 Okay.  I know this first picture gives you no view of my apartment aside from my mismatched socks, but look at this rug my mother-in-law made for me! Isn't it fabulous!

I am standing in the middle of the living room, and this is my kitchen.  It is the perfect size considering the amount of cooking I do...not much.

I am standing almost against the cabinets in the kitchen, and this is the living room.  You might note the two hobbit size doors on the right side. Two of the three.

This is the door to the bedroom. Go up those little stairs, open the door, and you find....

 A hobbit! Cough...I mean, Husband!
He happens to be putting up Christmas lights for me at this moment.

Here I am sitting on my bed. Note how close the ceiling is. I have tried to stand up in fits of excitement, and been promptly shoved to the floor when the ceiling punched me in the head.

 This is our little dresser. Three drawers wide, and two high (just so you know the word drawer is hard for me.  I always want to put droor).


 I had to leave the room, and stand on the stairs in order to get the whole bed in the frame.  It is a king size, which we don't need because we both sleep right in the middle most of the time anyway.  Ches sleeps in the pillow crack (I know right?).  He says it is because it is closest to me. Cue Awwwwws.

 The ties nearly reach from the ceiling to the floor. These are THE ties.  The wonderfully hideous collection of nothing but polyester.  Husband is quite a snob actually.  He won't wear silk, and it can be no less than 4 inches wide. Yes, he does wear the clip ons.  Note here.

 A cute little bookshelf I keep by my bed.  I wish there were more coins in my little green piggy bank.  Then I could go buy an ice cream cone....and eat it.

My favorite part is probably how our pile of laundry mounds from floor to ceiling.  I am pretty sure some stuff lives in there, like gnomes and their pet spiders.  It only takes a week to cover up that little love sign you see in the distance.  We can't have our love covered up by dirty clothes now can we? Sigh. 

09 December 2010

Bedtime Conversations

Me:(singing heartily) "Who wants a twig when you can have the whoooooooooooooole treeeeeee?" (obviously an exerpt from the fabulous show Hairspray) ....Ches....I'm the whole tree!

Ches: No you're not.

Me: Well, I'm not a twig...

Ches: You're more of a weight bearing branch.