26 October 2011


My lips were unfaithful to husband's today.

They couldn't help it. They were put into a dire situation.

When I hopped into the car of my carpool buddy this morning at 6:45 my lips were parched.

At 6:46 I realized I didn't have any chapstick, or lotion, or anything that could soothe them.

I felt them shrivel further at 7:00, 7:10, 7:20.....

(at 10:45 I cursed the fact that I was wearing my demon shoes as I almost took another tumble)

and every ten minutes for the remainder of the eight hour work day.

By the time I left the school at 3:30 it was a miracle I wasn't completely lip-less after all of the dryness and shriveling they had experienced throughout the day. 

They were desparate.

When I got home......to my shame....

they made-out with the Carmex tube

22 October 2011

Pepper chunks

...from that heavily peppered elk jerky are stuck between my top molars.

husband is off paint-balling in Mesquite with a bunch of grown men who insist on continuing to play their prepubescent games. 

I have vanquished (thank you Charmed for placing that work into my often-used vocab) at least 10 bugs in my room today.  They are everywhere.

That heavy-duty sticky stuff does not work. Stuff keeps nearly falling on my head at night.

I go into the classroom on Monday, and I only have two lessons planned....oops.

I smell. I haven't showered. I haven't brushed my teeth (should I admit that part? Its super gross) 

I have had a wonderful day! 
I rode my bike for 5 beautiful miles.
I got into a battle of whits with my younger brother, and totally lost. I was laughing so hard. 
Ate a chocolate chip cookie (yes. yes it is ALWAYS going to include food.)

I got this new space!  
It is my grandfather's old desk, and the smell of the drawers remind me of playing in his office as a little girl.  
He left us still a young man of 65.  He's been gone for a while, and I sure miss him.  
Isn't it beautiful!?

21 October 2011

ness of happy

There is an ice cream bucket full of fresh salsa waiting to be consumed by myself.

 Husband is no longer sick. I have never seen such ruby red vomit in my life.

There is a pumpkin on the front porch that is just waiting to be carved by these artistic (i try) hands.

There are pumpkin seeds over there in a bowl that were a reward for having chaperoned a delinquent date. They are roasted. And delicious.

 After 7 weeks of student teaching for a virtual academy, I am actually getting into a classroom on Monday! I am excited and terrified. excified. territed, if you will.

14 October 2011

I love them

Look at my family

Aren't they so good looking?! And fun?! And WONDERFUL!!!
cough. Sorry. Bragging terminated.
It is an interesting phenomenon to be dwarfed by your 14 year old brother.
Especially when he has a flowy mullet. Sick.
But Seriously.

11 October 2011

The Way

Yea, How long will ye suffer
yourselves to be led by foolish and 
blind guides? Yea, how long will
ye choose darkness rather than light?

Sometimes I look at what is happening in the world,
and I feel hopeless.

Then, I make myself step back
and look at the wonders God has placed on this earth
and remember that Jesus Christ 
Has made the path known.

And then I hope again.

05 October 2011

That List

A while back, while recovering from the loss of the 9th Doctor, I wrote and mentioned "The List".

I wrote that I might write about it sometime, and I think that time is overdue. 

Disclaimer: "The List" is constantly in flux, and is mostly full of men who don't actually exist.

These are the men about whom I might express my feelings as Ashley once did about Kevin Bacon.

And I quote, "If Kevin Bacon were to walk in here right now and say, 'Hey, lets make out,' I'd do it."

We say this being fairly, and mostly positive that we would not actually make out with them (we really do adore our husbands), but would just stare, and stammer, and maybe steal a photograph with their arm around our shoulders, and our thumbs very high in the air.

Without further ado:

The List
As Presently Constituted

4th Runner up: Mr. Knightly played by Jeremy Northam
He may be replaced by Mr. Rochester played by Michael Fassbender quite soon.

 So handsome, and such the gentleman.  
Seriously, have you seen how tender he his? 

3rd Runner Up: The Doctor played by David Tennant

First of all, he has KILLER hair. It gets me every time.
And also, he just looks so good in that suit with his Chucks.
And he saves the world practically ever day.
The accent has never hurt him either....

2nd Runner Up (today, tomorrow David might be 2nd again) Leo Wyatt played by Brian Krause

 No, Leo is not a cowboy, but.... I like cowboys. Also, I do not support smoking. Not attractive.

 Leo is a character from the show "Charmed"
You should know by now that all of my internal organs are made of nerd.
Anyway, Leo fixes things, has great hair, wears sweaters, 
and his smile...KILLS ME.
I couldn't find a picture that would convey its swoony-ness to you.

The #1 Slot holder is (and has been for some time now):  James Bond played by Daniel Craig

Cowboys. Right?

  He has come the closest to making me crush on the man rather than the character.
I know it is about 80% the eyes, 15% the attitude and poise,
and I know you don't believe when I say 5% speedo bod.
Showing off that much of his body while splashing in the waves of the ocean is cheating, 
most people look, if not more attractive, at least more exotic when wet.

And as pretty as they all are, none of them compare to husband.
He is real. He gives kisses. Good ones.

01 October 2011

I woke up

on this beautiful conference Saturday

to this face.


I am so lucky. He is so handsome. It makes me giggle to myself sometimes.

I mean, he took off the bow-tie and jacket before crawling in bed last night, and may have a slightly peeling sunburn on his face, but who cares!

I also get to sit next to him for the next two days and listen to the Lords servants update us on the Big Man's plans. You can watch it or read about it here.

I get to hold his hand, and hug him, and kiss him on the mouth. Sigh.

I'm done being grossy mushy now.

But just know, that I hope you have one, or get one like mine, and mine, and mine.