26 October 2011


My lips were unfaithful to husband's today.

They couldn't help it. They were put into a dire situation.

When I hopped into the car of my carpool buddy this morning at 6:45 my lips were parched.

At 6:46 I realized I didn't have any chapstick, or lotion, or anything that could soothe them.

I felt them shrivel further at 7:00, 7:10, 7:20.....

(at 10:45 I cursed the fact that I was wearing my demon shoes as I almost took another tumble)

and every ten minutes for the remainder of the eight hour work day.

By the time I left the school at 3:30 it was a miracle I wasn't completely lip-less after all of the dryness and shriveling they had experienced throughout the day. 

They were desparate.

When I got home......to my shame....

they made-out with the Carmex tube

1 comment:

Jilliard said...

Haha. You're silly. I miss you.