22 October 2011

Pepper chunks

...from that heavily peppered elk jerky are stuck between my top molars.

husband is off paint-balling in Mesquite with a bunch of grown men who insist on continuing to play their prepubescent games. 

I have vanquished (thank you Charmed for placing that work into my often-used vocab) at least 10 bugs in my room today.  They are everywhere.

That heavy-duty sticky stuff does not work. Stuff keeps nearly falling on my head at night.

I go into the classroom on Monday, and I only have two lessons planned....oops.

I smell. I haven't showered. I haven't brushed my teeth (should I admit that part? Its super gross) 

I have had a wonderful day! 
I rode my bike for 5 beautiful miles.
I got into a battle of whits with my younger brother, and totally lost. I was laughing so hard. 
Ate a chocolate chip cookie (yes. yes it is ALWAYS going to include food.)

I got this new space!  
It is my grandfather's old desk, and the smell of the drawers remind me of playing in his office as a little girl.  
He left us still a young man of 65.  He's been gone for a while, and I sure miss him.  
Isn't it beautiful!?


asdfasdf said...

Hey this is Jess, sorry but my blogger accounts are all out of whack--First of all, great desk! Second, this has nothing to do with your post but I'm sorry I haven't responded to you yet! I should just message you on facebook when I get home cause I don't want to give away our old landlord's number where everyone can see, but in case I forget to do that too, maybe you could message me there and I'll remember to reply? So sorry its taken so long!

Ross said...

your desk is awesome. I'm jealous