25 January 2011

Yesterday I

mainly only did two noteworthy things.


I finished Dr. Who season one, only to have to mourn the loss of Christopher Eccleson who has claimed my heart, and has found a permanent place on my list.

If you don't know what the list is, I will have to write a post about it, and then link it to this post for reader convenience.


I almost burned down my home.  While participating in the aforementioned activitiy, I was cooking a delicious dinner of cornbread and chili.  I may or may not have forgotten to turn off the burner that so kindly and quickly heated up my chili, and I definitely left the oven mitt which helped me remove beautiful delicious golden brown corn bread from the very hott (you know, because there are to 't's) oven without burning my fingers........on top of said not turned off burner.

I also may have been SO distraced by the adorable large eared man, that I let my microwave cook for 4 minutes with nothing inside because I thought I had hit the timer button....I didn't notice the noise until it was in its last 20 seconds. 

I didn't notice the smoke from the dying oven mit until 3/4 of it was literally turned to ash, and the smoke had made it above my head into the bathroom.

I think this is reason enough to have husband cook the meals from now on.

Don't you?


Ash said...

Do not worry, David Tennant will soon capture your heart. Also, we had cornbread and chili for dinner too! Luckily I cooked them in one pan in the oven, so there were no burner mishaps.

Lisa Lewis said...

You are hilarious!!! That is why I let Sid do most of the cooking!

Love you, Lisa (mom)