01 March 2011


This is paifull and blissfull put together. 

It makes me so happy that I have been sitting here on our mini-couch next to husband for an hour, while he has been trying with all of his might to be the best darn ukelele player int he world. He sings with much soul.

His inability to consistently coordinate the key of the ukulele notes and those bellowing out of his pipes is quite painful to my sensitive ears. 

#443 that I love him completely

He demanded that I not post videos of this, but I had too...
So I posted another one.....Oh how I adore him.


Hannah said...

I love this with much soul.

Chess said...

So amazing.

lacy.lynn said...

karlie jean, your bangs are so shiny and beautiful. i miss your face.

also, your husband is pretty cool.

Lindsey said...

Haha, LOVE IT...LOVE you guys, too! You guys make me happy, therefore, sou should probably move to Boise! I think its a great idea : )