02 April 2010

I win.

I win the argument that all girls have about their dad being the best. Well, sorry. I won a long time ago. My daddy tops the cake of dads....that would have to be a HUGE cake.

These are the main men in my life. My dad (although the 13 year old is closing in) is the tallest and most strongest of all the men in my life.

He is the source of all weirdness, goofiness, and off the wall-ness that exists in my person. He would deny it when I wear my black glasses that have no lenses, but it all comes fr0m him.

He is the source of my skill for making paper people. This is his construction paper self portrait. See my feeble attempts to match him here and here.

Lets be honest. He is the funniest, kindest, biggest calf muscled, Irish jigging, riverdancing, fartfatnooging, bestedest dad ever.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I love you KJ :) Your fam is pretty awesome too! Let's play again. Are you going to Mark's homecoming? You should so we can see you guys.