31 March 2010


Welcome Rush in EAB. This is the chaos we lived in, cried in , and loved in.

This is our shipping area. There is usually someone there for 10 or 12 hours.

We pretty much made a maze with carts full of books. We became the smart maze rats.
I'm not sure what that means

Caleb always goes out of his way to help customers. Really, one time he met a customer at Wal-mart to get him his book order because the store was closed. Too much customer service.

Whitney Fae working away.
heh. That rhymes. smile

Lacy should definitely be a head-set model.

Bobbi did this same pose several times for the camera. We definitely know how she felt.

These two are the Asians. They make an entire Asian. Neat.
(sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters)

Hannah and I had a hard time coordinating which face we were supposed to be making.

Maybe next time.

We've all gone crazy.

But we like each others company.


Hannah said...

This is possibly one of my more favorite posts in the world. stealing it via linkage. And that photo.

Martha said...

Oops. I posted the comment for this post on the previous one. Having the comments at the top of the post threw me off...ha ha