24 March 2009


I don't know how many of you know that I have a little side hobby (it's really not even something I do often enough to call a hobby....) of writing poetry. Here's a little taste for ya :) Enjoy.


One chip in the bag
made me throw up
my whole meal. My
fingers were caked
with the residue of it's companions,
proving I'd partaken
many. But that one,
that last one, got me
good. It must have been
angry. Maybe I'd eaten
the chip that had been it's
neighbor slice in the
potato. Maybe they were
friends, or, perhaps, all
small pieces of the same.
I'm not sure how a
sliced potato works itself
out. Is it still one potato?
Maybe it's become many individuals.
I don't know, but that one piece
of potato caught itself on
the walls of my throat
and stayed, and clung,
and stayed, until I brought
It's self...or it's friends..
back up to greet it.
Except, the burger and
veggies came up too. They
might still count as separate.
Or do they now count as
one acidy sloppy whole?


Michelle and Jason said...

you crack me up! I love it but it was disgusting :P Love you

Hannah said...

hahahha. kj, that is gross. i miss your guts

Ross Nelson said...

ha ha that is great!!

When are we going to poetrize together??

Lee Cannon said...

I feel that Karl of my Jean has a talent that needs to be exposed to the world! When will you publish some of your work!?