08 March 2012


Fist Pumps:

Unexpected trip to the Temple this morning. Needed it.

Having elderly neighbors who teach me how to plant flowers, and give me cupcakes. She also promised me a ride in several of her husbands super old and neat cars. I am hoping to drive.

Seeing my belly move while Husband Jr. kicks me. Is it normal to feel like you're the only person on earth who has experienced these things, even though you know millions of other women are doing it at the exact same time?

Tomorrow I will be on my way to happiness.

Maternity Pants.


Maternity Pants.

This thought that I just had:
"I shouldn't get on the elliptical today because I don't want to be sore tomorrow while I'm....riding...in..the.car....?"

Getting to the school for a sub job a week early. Not embarrassing or anything.

Forgetting to cross my legs before I sneeze.

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Sarah Beth said...

hahahahahaha love it! forgetting to cross your legs! ha