29 February 2012

Warning: Soap Box

Feeling "beautiful" or "attractive" is something women seem to be obsessed over, and I am definitely not exempt from those thoughts.

 I have sometimes found myself wishing I could just look a little more like this person,  fit into those jeans like that girl does, or have the same hair as that fabulous lady.  Always someone to be admired. Always someone who seems more glamorous that myself. 

Why do we do this? Its infernally dumb.

So I'm a solid size 12, and not the 8 I would like to be.  I can STILL be beautiful, and I can work to look more healthy.

So I will have awkward "growing out" hair for the next year or so. It will give the chance to be funky and creative. I've always loved that. 

So husband will always weigh less than me, even if I achieve that size 8. He tells me I am the most beautiful woman in the world. I need to believe him, and stop telling him that it doesn't count because he has to say that. I am to him, and that is all I need.

Being pregnant has had the opposite affect on my self image than I would have supposed.  I thought I would be ashamed with the weight gain, and change of body size, but I find myself more satisfied with who I am and how I look than ever before. 

I hope it carries over to after the little guy gets here.

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Jamie said...

I love this post. It is funny that most girls do this. To be honest, every time I see you I want to look like you. Cut my hair, buy those amazing glasses ect. ect. ect. It is definitely a silly thing we do! I am so excited for you and Ches. Your baby has some great parents.