21 February 2012

Other People's

spills, stains, toots, pee, and bums. That is what has always stained my kitchen chairs. 

We picked them up for free from one of our old apartment buildings when they were going to throw them out after buying new dining sets for all of the apartments. 

They have always been sturdy, but the upholstery was so abused, that I almost wanted to take a bath after sitting on them. 

After two years of sitting on them, husband is relieved that we can start doing dishes in the kitchen sink rather than with me in the bath tub.

Just kidding. That would be REALLY gross.

Thanks to my angel mother-in-law they no longer look like this.

 I am not sure why anyone ever thought this fabric was a good idea.
The foam was rotting and fally-aparty as we pulled out the millions of staples.

The mid-stages were very anti-climatic.  All I got to see was these holy boards.
But I was not disappointed

The dining room carpet is something we can talk about a different time.
Aren't they like NEW?!?
My derriere has never been so pleased.

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Heart Mommy said...

Hurray!!! they look awesome!