20 February 2012

Turkey Timer Started

Now that there is movement and actual tummy protrusion, pregnancy is starting to be something I'm enjoying rather than forgetting, and thinking my body is just revolting against me.

This baby does an amazing impersonation of a gas bubble.

Yoga pants are my best friend.

I never thought having a belly would make me feel adorable. This one does. 

I never thought shopping would give me an anxiety attack. Husband had to remove me from a maternity store last weekend before I burst into tears. I'm working on thinking it was funny.

I'm already planning the morning playlists that will serenade us each morning while I make breakfast, and teach my little one the joys of shameless dance parties.


Elk Horn Specialties said...

Actually you are adorable being pregnant!!! You look fabulous.

Alice said...

Maternity clothes are weird, but there are some "normal" clothes that can double as maternity. Peasant style shirts that are long and loose around the tummy work well for the first couple of months and low rider jeans fit just under your tummy so you don't have to feel weird wearing the maternity pants that come up to your ribs. Towards the end of pregnancy when your tummy is really big, scrub tops and long tank tops were my favorite. The scrubs tops were big enough to fit over my tummy and the tank tops helped cover the underside of my tummy since the shirt "waterfalls" over the tummy and doesn't tuck under.