16 January 2012

I began to be astonished

and then after a couple of weeks, stopped being astonished at the following things.

1. Feeling an insane amount of pressure on my bladder, only to yield 4 oz. of pee. 
(sorry if this is too explicit for your liking)

2. The need to eat every 2 hours. 

3.  My complete aversion to chocolate.
WHAAAAAAT? You mean that bag of dark dove chocolates tastes nasty?!
I must console myself with a bowl of sherbert. 

4. My love of all things fruity and tangy. 
I swapped all of my Christmas chocolate for starbursts and nerds.
I have eaten an entire bag of clementines in the last week.

5. The fact that I don't look pregnant, just chubbers.
I am still trying to be motivated to be active.
It is not impossible.
Just not easy.

Maybe I'll go do some Pilates now.
After I find a snack.


Alice said...

It is AMAZING how much our bodies can change in just 9 months. And the fact that, for almost 4 out of the 9 months, you can't really see much of the change from the outside. The best feeling in the world is when you feel your baby moving around inside of you! And then when you're closer to having the baby and you can actually watch your belly move!!! I loved being pregnant, so maybe I'm crazy, but try to enjoy every stage of it. All the crazy cravings, the sudden dislikes in foods that used to be favorites, the new wardrobe, the comments and looks people give you, but most of all the feeling of the little person growing inside of you. :)

Kade & Jess said...

You barely look pregnant! And I agree with Alice :) it's amazing. Also, you have the best post titles!