12 January 2012

Sanuk So Supplely Stepping

My good friend Ash has been trying to convert me to this particular brand of footwear for some time.

Her argument was locked into my mind when she said she wore them in Disneyland for 3 straight days, and never had any problems with her feet. 

I always thought they were cute, but in my tight-wadiness, could never get myself to pay the 50+ dollars for a little canvas shoe.

I repent completely.

While doing some after Christmas shopping, I was fortunate enough to find some beautiful butter-yellow Sanuk's on the shelf at Ross.  $17. My mind went back to my beloved yellow Wal-Mart shoes that husband sneakily threw into the dumpster on moving day. (I was completely aware of the smell.  That is why they were left outside)

I immediately flung aside all of the other items I had stacked in my arms in order to grab them.  They were my size. They were the only pair in the entire store.  The shoe gods had laid my path and smiled upon me so fiercely that I'm sure their cheek muscles were throbbing. 

I, Karlie Jean Donovan Lewis, am a believer.  The destination of my new conviction?


Chess said...

Aren't they AMAZING?? I scored a pair for 12 bucks and they are my feet's best friends.

Ash said...

Yay! I'm glad that you've finally crossed over into the world of happy feet! I think I am buying a new pair for me tomorrow cause I kinda spilled gasoline on mine :(