29 July 2012

I'm on my way to being an ancestor

I'm practically an expert on bringing up posterity.

For example:

Blankets CAN double as burp rags and.....vise-versa.

It is TOTALLY fine to giggle at a child while they are crying when it is completely cute.

Cleavage is the perfect spit-up collector.

Cow's have it tougher than I'd ever imagined.

Morning is the best time to display your underwear to the house.

Falling asleep with a baby laying on your chest is close to the most precious thing ever.

You WILL end up going for boogers with your finger because the booger-sucker is in the other room, and if you leave it he might suck it back up.

Throw-up is a most excellent accessory.  It compliments every color.

Being a mom completely trumps not being a mom.


Cassandra said...

Haha oh Karlie! I bet you are the best mom ever! :)

Kayleigh said...

Amen to the booger thing! Haha :)