20 May 2010

More often than not sometimes I....

Get back in bed with husband after my morning run instead of doing my crunches, stretches, and push-ups

Think that person riding their bike up the hill in my direction has two heads, until they pass me and I realize it was their backpack protruding from behind their real head.

Tell myself I will only eat one Popsicle, then proceed to eat two or three, and not even feel guilty about it.

I have cravings to eat out, and I know we shouldn't because money is tight, but somehow I make myself think we'll be fine, so go out we do.

I pretend to be grown up when I don't feel good, but in all reality I just want my mom (sorry husband).

I say I am going to be a good wife and cook good meals, but when I get home from campus after 9-10 hours, baked potatoes or frozen burritos via the microwave are as gourmet as I'm gonna get.

I want my life to seem as cool as hers or maybe hers, but then I remember that mine is already the bomb.

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Kade & Jess said...

I just checked out one of your links... Color Me Katie, oh my heck. I feel the same as you do now-- she is amazing!
Oh, and I think your blog is super classy :)