25 April 2012

Malcontent is not becoming on anyone, not even gorgeous people

When you spend a lot of time alone with not much to do, it starts getting harder to find positive things to dwell on.  I become a fun-sucker of sorts. It becomes easier to look at other people's lives, and over-glamorize them.

I have had to do a lot of reminding myself that the lives of the people whose blogs I follow are not as perfect as they appear in the cyber world. Every life has challenges, and it is only natural to make yours seem much more flawless to others than it actually is.

I had spent two or three consecutive days alone at home last week, and was going crazy with nothing to keep me busy. So, I picked up my camera and decided to see what interesting places I could find to photograph within pregnant walking distance of my door.

Now I"m determined to take my camera walking in all directions from my house to see what other treasures I can find.

I seem to have a gift for wishing for different, no matter where I am.
Not better. Just different.
 Don't you think its time a girl learns to be satisfied with her own situation, rather than dwell on what others have that she thinks she lacks?

Do you ever feel restless?


Brooke said...

very cute pictures! what program do you edit with now?

K.J.D.L said...

Thanks! I have been playing with PicMonkey. It doesn't have all of the picnik features, but it comes pretty close.