08 April 2013

Q & A Session: With Myself

Q: Saying that Elder Holland is stellar is cliche by now, but will you say it anyway?

A: Duh. Elder Holland has a special gift to touch the hearts of people who listen to him. I am certainly not an exception. 

Q: How many episodes of Doctor Who did you watch this weekend?

A: Well, I didn't count on purpose because I knew I would be ashamed. The number mostly likely reached the double digits. 

Q: What is a current fear that you have?

A: That Maverik won't know how present I was in his infancy because there will be few pictures of us together. I am always behind the camera. Selfies can only be done from so many angles. He might think I had no body. Also, chicken thighs. I loath them. They always have veins and blood left in them, but I keep buying them because they cost so much less than breasts.

Q: Is it acceptable that the sexiest thing you have worn in the past three months is your husbands spandex baseball thermals? (Too much?)

A: a. They are soooooo comfortable, and I was tired of my sweats.  b. It is hard to find time to be sexy on purpose. (waaaaaay to much?) c. No. I will go cook something delicious for him immediately.

Q: Can you continue to have kind thoughts for the 12 people that trudge heavily and unceasingly in the apartment above you into all hours of the night?

A: It is getting iffy. I mostly wonder how two grown families can stand to live in a two bedroom apartment. I applaud them for pulling it off, but if they don't get hover-socks soon, I might have to start morse-coding mean things at them with my broom handle. 

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