05 April 2013

Really, already?

I almost fell to pieces for a little while yesterday.

Maverik was upset about something. Sometimes he just gets upset, and I am not sure what about. I do the usual things like check the diaper, feed him, play with him, and sometimes nothing I try works. Its normal. He usually gets over it in just a few minutes.

He was having one of these little episodes yesderday, but it was lasting longer than usual. I reached out to hold him. 

He pushed my hands away and turned his face the other direction. 

I died a little. I sat there dejected like a 13 year old who just found out her crush likes someone else.

Maverik D. (as I call him when he is being unreasonable) You are not even 10 months old. You are NOT allowed to push me away! I won't smother you I promise!...maybe. 

Fellow MOMS! How did you cope with when your little ones started not needing you for everything? 

*update. It is a new day, and so far all of my attentions have been happily received.

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