02 April 2013

Too much explanation for something that can hold its own

My uncoolness is about to be made manifest. 

You know how when you are trying to have a conversation with someone you don't know very well, often the topic of music arises...?

Well, I love music. What I don't tell people is that my first music love is movie soundtracks. Like, I am REALLY into them. 

My first love affair with this kind of music came long ago. I was twelve. On my thirteenth birthday I received the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack. (We were vacationing in Winnemucca, Nevada on my birthday. The only thing more exciting than my birthday was the fact that the bus boy at our hotel/casino thought I was older than I was and very cute. He sent me complementary ice cream at the restaurant) I had seen the movie six times in the theater, once twice in one day, and was smitten with Captain Jack. Who wasn't right?  As soon as I got it into my cutting edge tech discman, my family could have boarded a plane to Florid and come back for me a few days later. I would have been clueless. I put in the CD, closed my eyes, and visualized the entire movie as the music played over and over and over. 

It has snowballed since then. My sister is even more into them than I am, and I once heard her and a former beau have a conversation about how the composers of movie soundtracks are really the ones who have taken the place of great composers like Beethoven and Mozart. Apparently these pop stars and radio musicians have no comparative talent. I don't agree with them on all sides of that argument. I think there are SOME very talented pop stars, but as far as the talent of composition, guys like Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, and Howard Shore put popular music artists to shame. 

When I had to write absurdly long papers for my classes in college, I would put on a soundtrack, and it helped my creative juices every single time. 

These instrumental masterpeices just have a way of pulling me back into the imagination that I had as a little girl. They help me prove to myself that I haven't completely, and never will completely grow up. I used to listen to them on campus sometimes, and it would transport me somewhere else long enough for me to forget my stress. i will spare you the many and nerdy details of my imagination. 

I have talked too much. Listen to this song. It can hold its own. It is enormously long, but at least listen to the first few minutes. I challenge you to not lose yourself for a little while.

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Hannah said...

I LOVE SCOOOOORES! all PotC, LOTR, downton abbey, the hobbit, memiors of a geisha, P&P, young victoria...yesssss, composers ARE brilliant. pirates of the Caribbean also began my love, i'm pretty sure i have that thing memorized.