19 April 2013

The wisdom of a Skype conversation

My little brother Kade and I were talking over Skype the other day. We talked about various things, and at some point the topic of Maverik came up as he bobbed in and out of the screen. 

Kade said something like this, "You know, I used to just roll my eyes when people wanted me to see pictures or videos of their nieces or and/or nephews. Now I have one that I want to show to people, and no one cares. I get it now." 

My immediate reaction to this is: How on EARTH could people NOT want to see my child. He is ridonkulously and perfectly adorable! I feel immediately protective of the fact that someone may not like him. Off with their heads

Then I realize that although I can genuinely appreciate the cuteness of other people's children,even more so now that I have one of my own, it just isn't the same. Let me know if I am alone in this, but sometimes I look at Maverik and feel so intense about how perfect he is, and how he is the best baby in the entire world. Shouldn't every mother feel that way about her own children? At least when they are babies.(Don't get me started on the parents who think their children retain that perfection into their teenage years, and couldn't POSSIBLY do anything wrong. Ugh. I have horrid flashbacks of the worst kind of moments in a teacher's job.) So, every mom really does have the cutest baby in the world because it is her world. 

So, continue to humor me as I post relentlessly here and any other medium on which you may follow, about my baby and how much I can't get enough of him. Also forgive me for thinking that he is the most adorable, and I will forgive you for thinking your baby or niece or nephew is more so.

I mean, someone PLEASE correct me if I am mistaken about this face being so.....gobbleable.  


Lisa Lewis said...

You are absolutely correct!!!!

Heart Mommy said...

What am I like his second cousin once removed? And yummy is just one word I would describe him.